Signal 1.7.7

  • Code signing updates for compatibility with upcoming OS X releases

Signal 1.7.6

  • Removed Discogs album art source

Signal 1.7.5

  • Restored support for controlling multiple iTunes instances
  • Hides undownloaded iTunes podcast episodes

Signal 1.7.4

  • Fixed support for iTunes shared playlists
  • Fixed setting the playlist position in iTunes 10

Signal 1.7.1

  • Using Play Now with a group keeps the contents of the group at the top of Up Next
  • Fixed handling of play command when nothing is playing and there are items in Up Next

Signal 1.7

  • Signal now requires OS X 10.6 or later
  • iTunes 11 compatibility (requires pairing with iTunes)
  • Use Up Next instead of the Signal Queue playlist in iTunes 11
  • Sort numbers at bottom
  • Ignore leading articles when sorting

Signal 1.6.3

  • Support software updates requiring user approval

Signal 1.6.1

  • Remove Signal from quarantine when launching through System Preferences

Signal 1.6

  • Fix album art scaling on retina Macs
  • Handle iTunes libraries stored on volumes that are not yet mounted
  • Enhanced AirPlay speaker control (requires pairing with iTunes)
  • Allow user extensions to HTTP content
  • Remember volume and speaker state across launches
  • Use native JSON parsing when available

Signal 1.5.1

  • Support for previous and next while paused with a different playlist selected in iTunes

Signal 1.5

  • Signal is now a 64-bit app
  • Signal now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and an Intel processor
  • Smart player relaunching
  • Fixed occasionally incorrect album art images from player
  • Lowered system resource usage
  • Album art fetched from the internet is now cached for a week
  • Automatic software updates

Signal 1.4.3

  • Fixed a registration issue on some PowerPC systems

Signal 1.4.2

  • Compatibility update for Internet album art search

Signal 1.4.1

  • Fixed web interface compatibility issues with IE
  • Fixed user agent string for web album art search

Signal 1.4

  • Added scrubber bar
  • Touch input support for volume bar
  • Restored compatibility with iTunes 9 on 10.4

Signal 1.3.7

  • Fixed an album art compatibility issue with upcoming versions of iTunes
  • Fixed a software update issue on Lion

Signal 1.3.6

  • Support for starting a playlist through a media library path

Signal 1.3.5

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the app from running on 10.4 and 10.5

Signal 1.3.4

  • Fixed star ratings
  • Fixed a potential crash when connecting multiple clients simultaneously

Signal 1.3.3

  • Fixed setting the volume by tapping directly on the volume bar
Windows Mobile
  • Support for HTC HD Mini
  • Fixed a potential mach port leak
  • Fixed a potential iTunes hang when a remote was connected while a modal iTunes dialog was open
  • Fixed an iTunes hang caused by leaving a modal dialog open for an extended period of time

Signal 1.3.2

Windows Mobile
  • Support for additional screen sizes including square, HVGA, WVGA and WQVGA
  • Redirect BlackBerry 6 devices to the mobile web interface

Signal 1.3.1

  • Support for shared iTunes playlists
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the media library to stop responding if a song with no artist, album, or title was added

Signal 1.3

  • Optimized browser caching for faster load times
  • Improved media library performance
  • High res album art on retina displays
  • Support for RTI control processors
  • Renamed Tracks to Songs
  • Updated TV shows to sort by episode number when available

Signal 1.2.6

  • iTunes 10 compatibility updates

Signal 1.2.5

  • Fixed compatibility issues with running the iPhone web interface on the iPad

Signal 1.2.4

  • Fixed a networking issue that could prevent some devices from connecting

Signal 1.2.3

  • Resolved an issue that prevented some media library categories from being accessed

Signal 1.2.2

  • Support for opening the preference pane in 64-bit mode on Snow Leopard

Signal 1.2.1

  • Fixed: The media library can now be accessed from paths containing extended characters
  • Fixed: Resolved a potential hang issue with the web interface

Signal 1.2

Windows Mobile
  • Converted menu and toolbar buttons to softkeys
  • Live media library scrolling
  • Improved reconnect time
  • Fixed: Resolved a potential hang issue when reconnecting
  • Signal is now a system preference pane
  • Added automatic detection of changes to the iTunes library
  • Substantially improved performance of playing or adding a collection of media items in iTunes
  • Improved Unicode support
  • Improved album art display performance
  • Improved media library indexing performance
  • The station name is now displayed as the album for iTunes internet radio
  • Added crossdomain.xml to support interfacing with Flash-based clients
  • Fixed: Resolved a speaker selection compatibility issue with iTunes 8.2

Signal 1.1.6

  • Resolved a compatibility issue with iPhone OS 3.0
  • Improved reconnect time

Signal 1.1.3

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Fixed: Updated the text shadow on the speakers screen to match WebKit changes
Windows Mobile
  • Decreased album art download delays
  • Fixed: Proxy settings are no longer used when downloading album art over the local network
  • Signal is now signed by a trusted CA, allowing it to be added to firewall rules automatically
  • Fixed: Resolved an IPv6 issue preventing Windows Mobile client discovery from working on some systems
  • Added favicon to the web interface
  • Fixed: Resolved speaker selection compatibility issue with iTunes 8
  • Fixed: An iTunes playlist folder with the same name as a playlist can now be browsed into
  • Fixed: Album art is now displayed for tracks containing a title but no artist or album information

Signal 1.1.2

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Resolved a Safari compatibility issue
  • Fixed: Using playlist remove now removes the correct playlist item in iTunes
  • Fixed: Unchecked tracks can now be the first track played in the queue
  • Fixed: Selecting speakers with a CD selected in the iTunes window now works
  • Fixed: Hidden iTunes playlists are no longer displayed within the media library
  • Fixed: Fixed playlist sorting to sort playlists starting with lower-case characters properly
  • Fixed: Improved tracking of iTunes library changes to not trigger a re-scan for playlist changes

Signal 1.1.1

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Optimized images for slightly faster load time
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with web interface upgrades
  • Fixed: Bookmarks and automatic Safari reloads from somewhere other than Now Playing now redirect to Now Playing automatically
Windows Mobile
  • Added new Signal icon, including high DPI versions
  • Fixed: Corrected toolbar icon highlight alignment
  • Fixed: Resolved an installation issue that could result in two Signal shortcuts being created
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that prevented the remote speaker menu from appearing in some configurations
  • Fixed: Album art was not displayed for some devices through direct USB ActiveSync connections
  • Fixed: Resolved issue with path handling for files on some remote volumes
  • Fixed: Albums are now sorted by disc number before track number
  • Fixed: iTunes is now automatically restored from minimized states when switching remote speakers
  • Fixed: When playing or queuing an artist with only one album tracks are now sorted in disc and track order
  • Fixed: Files tagged with a genre of "Podcast" no longer cause a second Podcast category to be displayed
  • Fixed: Previous media library information is no longer wiped out if the library file cannot be read when Signal starts

Signal 1.1

iPhone / iPod touch
  • WebClip icon
  • Basic landscape support
  • AirTunes speaker selection control
  • Added alphabetic jump to media library
  • Safari's back button can now be used for a one-tap return to the now playing screen
  • Moved previous / next controls inward to help avoid hitting Safari's back or tab button accidentally
  • Fixed: Album art is now displayed properly when accessed from outside the local network
  • Fixed: Single song search results can again be interacted with properly
Windows Mobile
  • AirTunes speaker selection control
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with the over-the-air install page not being shown for some WM6 devices
  • Signal now advertises its web interface via Bonjour (it will appear in Safari's Bonjour bookmarks automatically)
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that could cause Signal to become unresponsive when iTunes was restarted
  • Fixed: Resolved playlist update issues when using Party Shuffle
  • Previous button now acts as backtrack when controlling iTunes
  • Nokia internet tablets are now detected and redirected to the iPhone interface
  • Podcasts are now a separate media category of their own, organized by podcast name and sorted by date

Signal 1.0.4

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Fixed: Long-running operations (adding many tracks at once) no longer get stuck in a repeated command loop
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with HTTP requests that could cause the interface to stop responding
Windows Mobile
  • Fixed: Artists with just a single album now display the full track listing
  • Server now resizes album art for improved display performance on clients
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash bug when retrieving album art on Leopard

Signal 1.0.3

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Media library back button now navigates back to search results
  • Media library back button now remembers the previous page when browsing through multi-page search results
  • Fixed: Using search from the top of the media library tree no longer results in the media library browse tree being inaccessible
  • Fixed: Browse categories containing an asterisk, ampersand, or quotation mark can now be navigated into properly
Windows Mobile
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug preventing the EQ preamp bar from working
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue preventing software updates from working
  • iTunes is now started automatically whenever a web client connects
  • Additional fixes for track titles and paths with extended characters
  • Fixed: The EQ can again be controlled from the Windows Mobile client
  • Fixed: Files in paths containing extended characters can now be played
  • Fixed: Resolved 404 error when attempting to install the Windows Mobile client through the web interface
  • Video and TV shows are now played using the configured iTunes default playback preference (full screen, windowed, etc.)
  • Updated server application interface to monitor for changes to the local IP address and update the displayed URL as needed
  • If the default HTTP port is not available the application will now search for an available port

Signal 1.0.2

iPhone / iPod touch
  • Added iPod touch support
  • Added detection for JavaScript being disabled
  • Updated playlist view to emphasize track title over artist name
  • Lowered list font size slightly to allow more characters to fit on the screen
  • The media library now retains its last view when jumping out using the header bar shortcut
  • Fixed: Metadata and album art for songs with non-ASCII characters are now displayed properly
  • Fixed: Browsing into and searching for artists or albums with special characters now works
  • Fixed: Requests made while the iPhone is still on EDGE are now timed out and resent when Wi-Fi connectivity is re-established
  • Fixed: Content requests no longer get "stuck" due to Safari trying to use the persistent connection even when it has another connection free
  • Added initial help documentation
  • Fixed: Resolved a potential lock-up issue when starting the app
  • Fixed: License owner names with UTF-8 encoded characters are now registered properly
  • Improved the web interface's cache handling
  • Improved performance of iTunes music library indexing
  • Fixed: Accessing the web interface through an alternate URL (e.g., public internet IP, dynamic DNS service) now works

Signal 1.0.1

  • Added queuing support
  • Added song rating support
  • Improved volume bar tap points for setting volume directly
  • Moved volume bar to bottom of subcontrol screen and added volume up/down buttons
  • Added support for resolving aliases when reading the iTunes Music Library.xml file
  • Added support for reading the current media library when iTunes is using a non-default library
  • Fixed: Artist and title information is now displayed for internet radio stations
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash issue when reading the IP address on some systems

Signal 1.0 (Changes since RemoteAmp 2.x)

  • iPhone client
  • Windows Media Player support
  • Winamp media library support
  • New media library interface
  • Automatic album art retrieval
  • Automatic updating
  • iTunes queuing
  • Database performance improvements
  • Added support for iTunes playlist folders
  • Added support for videos and TV shows
  • Added track rating support
  • Improved VGA support
  • Changed: Current artist and title information is now read from iTunes radio stations if available
  • Changed: Updated media library sorting to ignore any leading 'the' in the artist, album, or track name
  • Changed: Prevented multiple instances of the application from being started
  • Changed: Protected the media library from being corrupted if the application is shut down or killed while in the middle of an update
  • Changed: Improved automatic library update triggering
  • Fixed: Server no longer needs to be restarted between iTunes sessions (the COM interface dialog no longer appears if iTunes is closed before server)
  • Fixed: An open dialog in iTunes no longer causes the client to blank out state information
  • Fixed: Display of the current output position no longer gets cut off for internet radio stations that have been running for a long time
  • Fixed: Stopped current output position from advancing beyond the total length of the current media item