Asterisks Begone

April 7, 2011

I created OnScreen for a fairly silly reason: to remove a single character from the PlayStation 3’s user interface. The PS3 is a great media streaming device but it appends asterisks to the name of shared media files and this drives me absolutely nuts.

Cursed Symbols

According to the manual these are there for a reason:

File names for data that is stored on servers that are not compliant with DLNA may have an asterisk appended to the file name. In some cases, these files cannot be played on the PS3™ system.

At first glance this made sense. Apparently the media files weren’t being shared in a way that was “DLNA compliant” even though the PS3 was perfectly capable of playing them. So I tried other servers, hoping to find one that pleased the PS3 and convinced it to hide these cursed symbols. Nothing worked. Even server apps certified by the DLNA showed the damned things.

Searching the web revealed that others were frustrated by this but the conclusion was always to just live with it. For a long time I did. Then one weekend when sitting down to watch Awesome Movie* I decided that tomorrow I had a mission: I was going to kill those asterisks. That’s the whole reason OnScreen was created and I’m happy to say it was a success.


To a lot of people these sort of details don’t matter, but if they do to you I encourage you to give OnScreen a try. I think you’ll like it*