Introducing Signal

July 13, 2007

Today we’re very excited to announce the first public release of Signal. Signal is a remote control application that allows you to drive your Mac or PC’s media player wirelessly from your iPhone or Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

What makes Signal different from the typical remotes you use to control your stereo or PC is that it’s smart and it works anywhere. It uses your device’s gorgeous screen to display album art for the current song. It shows you the entire playlist so you can pick the next song instead of hitting “next” over and over until you find something you like. It lets you browse and search your entire media library so you can find and play exactly what you want - right from the palm of your hand.

Since these devices support Wi-Fi, you can go anywhere in the house and still control your music. Skip songs from the next room. Select a new playlist from your deck. Pull out the phone at your next party and use it to queue up your favorite songs.

But the best way to see what Signal can do is to download the demo and try it for yourself.

For those wondering what has become of RemoteAmp, it has become part of Signal. Signal provides the full set of Pocket PC control capabilities from RemoteAmp and takes them even further by adding album art support, a new media library view, Windows Media Player support, and iTunes for Mac support. Existing RemoteAmp customers can upgrade to Signal at a 40% discount, just enter the email address you used to purchase RemoteAmp on the purchase page.