OnScreen 1.1

August 31, 2012

This release combines the configuration and background server apps into a single menu bar app, removing need for a separate server start/stop step. The menu bar icon can be hidden if desired, when this option is turned on the preferences screen will be shown when the application is launched manually.

1.1 also keeps the system awake while streaming so you no longer need to worry about your laptop going to sleep in the middle of a movie. The display is still allowed to turn off to conserve power, but the system will remain awake for as long as streaming is active. Thanks to this feature 1.1 also enables automatic software updates, so in most cases the app will now silently update itself when nothing is being streamed.

There have also been a number of small tweaks including improved support for Samsung AllShare and the Retina MacBook Pro. Grab the update form the beta page and enjoy!