Signal 1.4 and OnScreen Beta 4

August 7, 2011

Scrubber bar

Signal 1.4 is now available, adding a scrubber bar and touch input support for the volume control to the web interface. On iOS devices you can now slide your finger across these controls to easily adjust the volume and and playback position. On a Mac or PC you can move the slider with the mouse or jump to a specific position by clicking anywhere on the bar.

I’ve also posted beta 4 of OnScreen, which now automatically updates play counts and the “watched” state for items in your iTunes library. This is handy for marking podcasts, TV shows, and iTunes U content as seen when played through your game console or any other DLNA device. I’ve been plowing through WWDC videos on the PS3 and having OnScreen help keep track of which ones I’ve already seen has been really nice. Enjoy!