Signal 1.7 - iTunes 11 Support

February 18, 2013

Signal now offers full support for iTunes 11. Shuffle/repeat, playing groups of songs, and editing a playing queue are all working as expected. Here’s what’s new:

Pairing Required

To properly support iTunes 11 Signal now requires pairing with it. Because of this requirement the 1.7 update requires user approval and is not automatically applied. If you’ve already paired Signal with iTunes for speaker control you won’t have to do anything beyond approving the update. If you haven’t paired previously the first time you run Signal 1.7 it will display a prompt with a code to enter in iTunes. In the iTunes window an entry for Signal will appear in the Devices drop-down in the upper right, select that and enter the code to complete pairing.

Ending Support for OS X 10.5

iTunes 11 requires 10.6 or later and Signal is adopting the same requirement to focus on compatibility with the latest iTunes release. Since iTunes is no longer being updated on Leopard the 1.6 release of Signal should remain compatible for as long as you wish to use it.

Up Next

When playing or adding songs Signal now uses Up Next just as if the operations were performed through the iTunes interface. The Signal Queue playlist is no longer used and can be removed.

Sorting Changes

Media library sorting has been improved to more closely match the order displayed in iTunes. Leading articles are ignored and titles beginning with a number are now sorted at the bottom of the list.

With these changes iTunes 11 is now the recommended version of iTunes for use with Signal. The update is available now via software update and direct download.