The Natives Are Restless

December 17, 2008

A number of users have been curious about the progress on the native iPhone and updated Windows Mobile clients so I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s been happening.

As expected, Apple’s free Remote application has more or less taken over the market for the iPhone + iTunes remote control combo, and this makes up a significant portion of Signal’s market. While this has not in any way changed the plan for the native clients, it has slowed things down as time is split between the native apps and a couple of potential new products for Alloysoft.

While no new applications are ready to be announced yet, I wanted to let you know the reason for the delay and that development on the native clients is still ongoing. Windows Mobile users will also be happy to hear that I picked up an HTC Touch Diamond when they became available here in the US and am using that as the primary test device for updated Windows Mobile development. The new interface should be a lot more comfortable for HTC Touch owners when it’s released.